Track days are a growing phenomenon with car enthusiasts far and wide; for a few hundred motor sport units (pounds, euros, dollars…. – normally works out ‘free’ when used in conjunction with ‘man maths’*) you can drive around a race track for a day in any car you like. This could be anything from a […]

Regret is an amazing thing, it can make most petrolheads cry like a baby when they sell a car prematurely for whatever reason (house/mortgage/kids/other) and upon seeing said car again it will make them feel pangs in their heart. I sold my 964 prematurely, in fairness it was too much car for me and it […]

The growth of blogging, social conversation and the way we consume media in modern day has changed significantly. You’re more likely to see people wired to screens than books and leaflets, this isn’t new news. What is news is that Mercedes-Benz have just launched something so innovative and effortless to their social strategy that I had […]

It has been said before that I’ve got a dirty laugh, not much of a laugh but a cackle that develops over time and when alcohol is added. It has also been said before that I love cleaning my car (not to obsessive levels but it’s gotta be clean when making an appearance). So this […]

Some say that posting about this weeks instalment of Top Gear before it airs is spoiling it, all I know is that if you don’t want to know what happens then look away now. Now I’ve got that Top Gear quote out of the way, hopefully the ones who genuinely want to know what happens in […]

Since the conception of the first Boxster in 1996 (the 986) it has had the connotation of being labelled the ‘poor mans Porsche’. The youngest sibling of the German sports car family always felt like it had something to prove and live up to. Today the third generation Porsche Boxster, the 981 is everything and more. […]

A true brit will queue in the rain whilst moaning about the rain and the queueing, but secretly love it.  A true Brit who likes cars though will have been at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last month. The 3 day garden party located on the doorstep of Chichester sees thousands of car enthusiasts walk through the […]